A Vision Inspection System Allows You to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

by | EPIC Industrial Automation

vision-systemIs your high-speed production line running faster than what your QA system can keep up with? Production rate is an important factor when it comes to meeting customer demand, but what good is volume if the quality is lacking? What happens when your customers realize they purchased a faulty product? No one wants upset end users, or worse yet, a recall that costs you a large sum of money that could have been avoided. Have you ever thought about a custom vision inspection system? An automated vision inspection system from EPIC makes managing and executing a line to your meet your needs easier.

A custom automated vision inspection system allows you to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to a high volume of products being delivered with high quality. Our machine vision engineers provide custom automated vision systems that meet production demands while reducing the risk of faulty products.

When you contact us about a custom vision inspection system, our engineers will first test the application for feasibility. Feasibility testing occurs in our vision lab where our engineers have access to the instrumentation and tools needed to test your custom vision system. They simulate your application to verify successful inspection at the required line rate.

Once your application has completed feasibility testing, engineers will continue to design and fabricate your custom vison application to integrate seamlessly with your existing machinery on your current production line.

Our engineers will install and integrate the vision system on-site at your manufacturing facility, and they will remain on-site for start-up validation, commissioning and checkout. Full training for plant personnel, engineers and managers is provided, as well as a full operations manual and as needed ongoing support from an engineer.

With every vision inspection system EPIC delivers, we ensure you will be able to run your line at the high speed needed to meet demands while keeping a high quality. You will simply be able to have your cake and eat it too…

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