Interested in automating your packaging line, but unsure if the investment is worth it? An experienced team of automated packaging system integrators is what you need. The level of automation and purchasing used or new equipment are two key areas that are discussed to help you achieve the highest ROI.

automated-packaging-integratorsLevel of Automation

When automating your packaging system “Go Big or Go Home” isn’t always answer. There are different levels of automation that your integrator will discuss with you to find the largest impact for the lowest cost.

  • Manual packaging lines: Very little or no automation. Some low cost automation solutions can help improve line speeds dramatically.
  • Semi-automated, low-speed packaging lines: Best for manufacturers who need flexible lines with lower case/day requirements.
  • High speed packaging lines with limited manual operations: High cost and complexity, but offer fast fill rates and a high through-put.
  • Fully automated packaging lines: Best solution for manufacturers with large production runs and high product demand.

New vs. Used Equipment

Depending on the packaging equipment needed, you may be able to consider purchasing used equipment rather than new. There are pros and cons to both, but your team of automated packaging system integrators will discuss both options with you to determine the best equipment for the project.

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New Equipment Pros

  • Ordered to your specifications
  • Latest technology & increased flexibility
  • No wear & tear
  • Warranties & service contracts

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New Equipment Cons

  • Expensive
  • Long lead time on equipment delivery
  • Don’t always have the option to test equipment prior to shipping

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Used Equipment Pros

  • Cost 75% less than new
  • Test equipment prior to purchase
  • Find the same model as others used in your plant
  • Short-term rental options
  • Less lead time on receiving equipment

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Used Equipment Cons

  • Not all used equipment is in good shape
  • Possibly customized for prior user
  • Lacking up-to-date technology


To learn more about automated packaging systems or how we can help you achieve the highest ROI through packaging system automation, contact an engineer today…

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