Moving American Manufacturing to Number One

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

American Manufacturing is alive and well at EPIC Systems, Inc. As the manufacturing landscape changes we are dedicated to upholding our mission of Moving American Manufacturing Forward. We are proud to use as much American content as possible in all of our projects. Our capabilities and areas of expertise are expansive. Our engineers and craftsman deliver technological advancements in areas from machine vision to modular process plants for large industrial processes.  Each day we seek to affirm our dedication to American manufacturing.  Deloitte’s 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index is exciting because it ignites our desire for continued technological advancement.

Even though other countries continue to grow in their share of the global manufacturing market, we think that the technologies and efficiencies that the United States has developed and continues to innovate will set us apart. Just because you manufacture the most widgets does not mean you are winning the global manufacturing game. Being able to produce better products at greater efficiencies is imperative for the United States’ long-term success. People want what’s new and exciting, what improves their lives, and they want it to work well. If you can deliver that, they are willing to pay for it. Quality and innovation is what sets the United States apart and is the key to our future success. We will continue to manufacture with excellence, proving that the U.S. is and should always remain a top global competitor.

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