8 Things to Know About EPIC Machine Vision Systems

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

Machine Vision SystemsWhen clients call EPIC Machine Vision Systems they often have a lot of questions. The list below will help you learn a little more about working with a machine vision integrator.

  1. EPIC is a machine vision integrator, not a camera manufacturer.
  2. Our machine vision engineers specify the correct camera for the application and design the lights, lens, mounting, and controls requirements in order to make the camera into a high performance vision system.
  3. We do not have an off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box vision system with model number 123 for (XYZ) inspection application that you can purchase that will almost fit your requirements.
  4. EPIC will use your application requirements to guide the customized system design.
  5. Most vision systems are unique to themselves, therefor we design them to be application specific.
  6. “Custom”  vision systems is not necessarily more expensive, but custom design per the application does ensure that the turnkey system we deliver will do exactly what you need and want it to do.
  7. After extracting the application specifications, we will perform feasibility testing to ensure that we can create a machine vision system that matches your requirements.
  8. We don’t expect you to know how to solve your own application. If you are not sure if the application is even possible, please call us. We would be happy to discuss the application and help to sort out the details. Check out our post Going on the “First Date” with a Machine Vision Engineer…

If you have more questions, or if you would like to discuss your machine vision application, please contact an EPIC Machine Vision Systems engineer today

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