10 Reasons Why Modular Design/Build is the Bottom Line

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

The traditional way of doing things no longer claims the title as an efficient way of doing things. What does this mean? Conventional Design/Build is out and the Modular Design/Build Process is in. Here is a list of ten reasons will make the conflict of a modular strategy vs. traditional stick/build an easy decision for any future process technology.


  1. Modular Design/Build is the fastest timeline to getting your system to the market. This is possible by conducting the process system fabrication in parallel with site civil construction. Going this route can reduce your project timeline as much as four months.
  2. System fabrication is no longer delayed because of adverse site conditions. All systems are built in controlled production-style conditions, improving the quality of a system and also jump-starting project completion.
  3. With all modules being prefabricated and shipped fully assembled, the start-up time on a process system is also minimized.
  4. Trying to complete a conventional build requires overhead welds to be conducted is harsh conditions making them difficult to do well. Being in the proper environment of a modular fabrication shop, overhead welds improve drastically with consistency and quality.
  5. Maximum efficiency is now within grasp with the capability of designing a module once and fabricating exact duplicates in a controlled, production-style environment.
  6. Modular transportation cost is lowered with the capability of installing a turnkey modular process plant in strategic geographical locations.
  7. Onsite OSHA hours are greatly reduced with the addition of lower safety risk exposure.
  8. You need your modular process plant moved from one site to another? No problem. With the plug-and-play capabilities of Modular Design/Build a process system can change locations as much as desired.
  9. Having a module fabricated and constructed indoors and offsite keeps the process system proprietary.
  10. With the shortened project timeline and lower resources required to complete a job, this method is proven to require a lower capital cost, bottom line.

Have questions about one or more of the ten reasons why you should choose Modular Design/Build for your next process system? Contact one of our EPIC engineers to go further in depth of how modular design/build will improve your next project.

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