Duplicating Automated Mixing Systems Achieve Substantial Cost Savings

EPIC’s solution provided the specialty chemicals manufacturer with a robust, efficient, and safe system. The automated mixing system transformed the previously slow, manual process into a much faster and more robust operation. By eliminating the direct handling of hazardous chemicals, the system also significantly improved safety. This comprehensive solution enabled the manufacturer to meet product demand, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency, significantly improving their bottom line.

Hygienic Process System Design



  • Industry: Specialty Chemical (Agriculture)
  • Company Size: Fortune 500
  • Location: USA
  • Customer Use Case: Batch Washing and Drying



A leading specialty agro-chemicals manufacturing company faced significant challenges after acquiring a new facility that required substantial upgrades to meet safety and efficiency compliance standards set by OSHA and internal guidelines. Delays in bringing the facility into compliance would have resulted in considerable profit losses. To keep up with product demand, the company also needed to upgrade the overall process with improved production speeds. 

Moreover, the manufacturer operated several facilities worldwide, each performing the same processes but at different volumes. They required a flexible solution that could be easily adapted to varying production volumes without extensive redesign. The need for a rapid and effective solution was crucial to minimize downtime and lost revenue. 




EPIC provided a comprehensive automated mixing system solution that addressed both the safety requirements and the need for increased processing capacity. The automated system integrated mixing processes to improve efficiency and safety. By programming chemical mixtures and flows with system controls, EPIC ensured precise and consistent processing, which significantly enhanced the overall production speed and capacity of the facilities. 

EPIC engineering team designed flexible modules that could be easily adjusted to meet different throughput and processing speed requirements at various locations. They standardized the basic equipment and layout, allowing for size and capacity variations while maintaining flexibility. This approach enabled the quick and efficient upgrade of facilities around the world, ensuring that each site could be brought into compliance quickly and cost-effectively. 

To enhance safety, the automation of the mixing process reduced the need for direct human interaction with hazardous chemicals. This significantly mitigated safety risks and ensured adherence to OSHA compliance standards. The system included pH probes and automated controls to manage the chemical treatments accurately, further enhancing safety and operational reliability.

The repeated module construction allowed EPIC to apply efficiencies learned from each installation to subsequent systems, continually reducing costs and installation times. This iterative improvement process ensured that each module became more efficient in design and cost, benefiting the client’s bottom line. Structural engineering ensured that each system, regardless of size, maintained stability and efficiency, which was critical for the various facilities performing the same process at different volumes. 



  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: The automated system accelerated the previously slow, manual process, resulting in higher production speeds and the ability to meet increased product demand. 
  • Enhanced Safety and Compliance: By automating the handling of hazardous chemicals, the system reduced the risk to human operators and ensured adherence to OSHA and internal safety standards. 
  • Cost Savings and Operational Consistency: The use of standardized, flexible modules across multiple facilities reduced the need for repeated system design, leading to cost savings. Efficiencies gained from each installation were applied to subsequent systems, continually improving performance and reducing costs.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The modular design allowed the customer to easily adapt the system to varying production volumes across different facilities, supporting scalable and sustainable growth.

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