One of the first implementations of EPIC’s New Safety Program, headed by Paul KirkseyEPIC's Safety ScorecardQuality and EH&S manager, is a new Safety Scorecard prominently displayed in EPIC’s fabrication shop. The Safety Scorecard places an emphasis on the fact that safety is EPIC’s number one priority and it makes the safety record visible to every EPIC employee and all visiting clients.

The Safety Scorecard is a visual representation of the safety history of EPIC. The top number displays the number of days since EPIC last had a “Lost Work Day” (LWD). An event that qualifies as an LWD includes any instance when an EPIC employee gets injured or becomes ill due to a situation at work and misses a full day of work. EPIC has not had a LWD since 2006.

The bottom number is the number days since an OSHA recordable event has occurred for any EPIC employee, on-site at EPIC or off-site at other job locations.

The next step to be implemented in the Safety Program is the revamp of EPIC’s current safety manual. Kirksey, Quality and EH&S manager, is adding in-depth, customized information so that employees can use it as a working document with very specific instructions pertaining to EPIC. The first section, ladders and aerial lifts, is already complete. Electrical safety, specifically proper PPE and lockout/tagout will be addressed next.

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