EPIC is R-Stamp and U-Stamp Certified!

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EPIC has recently earned R-Stamp and U-Stamp certifications. The ASME Code U-Stamp Skilled craftsman Albert Ruck with the Pressure Vessel he welded to successfully earn EPIC's R-Stamp and U-Stamp certifications.certification allows EPIC to manufacture boilers and coded pressure vessels per ASME Section V111 Division 1. The National Board R-Stamp Certification Mark allows EPIC to make repairs and/or alterations to coded pressure vessels per the National Board Inspection Code.

“This was an important part of EPIC’s goal to be a single turnkey source for projects. We want to meet customers design, fabrication and installation needs under one purchase order and one roof,” says John Schott, President of EPIC Systems. “With these certifications we can improve lead times on projects because we now internally control the timeline of all projects involving pressure vessels. This also shows our customers that have met a national standard for quality and material handling, externally certifying that we are providing high-quality solutions.”

One of EPIC's Skilled Craftsman Welding Pipe

Paul Kirksey, EPIC’s Quality and EH&S manager, oversaw the process of applying for both stamps. Paul updated EPIC’s Quality Program to reflect ASME Section V111 requirements, implemented a more thorough material tracking procedure and worked with Jen Seitz, EPIC’s Director of Administration, to submit an extensive application to the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. A National Board representative also traveled to EPIC to administer a pressure vessel fabrication test.

Albert Ruck, one of EPIC’s skilled welders, completed the required weld tests. Ruck completed a TIG weld on a carbon steel vessel. The vessel was then inspected for proper root fusion, gap fit-up, hot pass to dispose of impurities, fill pass to seal in the gaps, and cap pass to finish the weld. All four welding phases had to pass a visual inspection by the National Board Representative.

Several pressure vessel repairs have been completed by EPIC since receiving the certifications. These repairs were inspected by Kirksey for proper root weld and fit-up. After the final weld was in place, an authorized inspector also reviewed the repairs.

“I am so proud of everyone involved in the effort of securing these stamps for EPIC. This was a long process, but well worth it, “ says Schott.

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