Process Engineer Resources (Best of 2018)

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EPIC’s process engineers work closely with manufacturing partners and clients to provide a number of helpful blogs, case studies and cost factor guides each year. Below we’ve compiled a list of our most popular process engineering content from 2018. These resources are intended to spark discussion about important industry trends and foster a culture of growth and mutual business development with the clients they serve in several manufacturing industries. You can bookmark and reference these pieces when evaluating process engineering companies for your 2019 projects.

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Process Systems Cost Factors Guide

Are you trying to get a feel for how much your process system is going to cost? This guide breaks down the big price variables within process systems projects. This resource will prepare you to speak with a process engineer by guiding you through the negotiating process and offering troubleshooting tips for common problems along the way.

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Distillation System Design Project Planner

This downloadable project planner will prepare you for your distillation system engineering project. After completing this planner, you’ll have the information you need to speak with a process engineer about your distillation system project and keep track of many variables throughout your project.

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Case Study

Full Deodorant Process Plant Design and Conversion

Our most popular case study in 2018 describes how EPIC’s process engineers helped a Fortune 500 company streamline a complex batch reactor mixing process for improved efficiency, safety, and ease of use. This project required working on a tight deadline with specific sequential installation requirements and unique FDA constraints.

EPIC’s solution saved the client $10-million and eliminated months of project build time through modular fabrication.

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A Stepwise Procedure for Continuous Distillation Column Design

As one of our most popular content pieces for the year, this blog explains five key non-linear design elements for distillation column design. The elements that Dr. Terry Tolliver, P.E. selects are: Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium, Column Operating Objectives, Operating Pressure, R/Dmin and Nmin and Feed stage estimation, and Diameter and Height of the Column.

This is a helpful article for anyone who needs to know more about the technical ins and outs of distillation column design.

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8 Key Challenges to Pilot Plant Scale-Up

This well-organized article tackles some of the challenges that arise with pilot plant scale-ups. Non-linear disproportionate scale-ups top the list, followed by equipment selection and fluid dynamics. At the end of the article, we offer concrete advice on how to overcome these challenges effectively.

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Distillation Columns: Design Best Practices

This blog offers resources for crafting an expert distillation column design. It covers not only the technical things, but also best practices on how to organize the information once you have it. The blog offers links to relevant whitepapers and a distillation column specification sheet.

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Pilot Plant Design Steps

This inspirational piece was written for those on the cusp of a new pilot plant design project. We have decades of experience building custom pilot plants and this article summarizes the streamlined design process that we have cultivated over the years.

What is Process Intensification and How Can You Implement It?

This article, written by Senior Process Engineer at Process Engineering Associates Patrick C. Joyce, is a comprehensive explanation of process intensification that simplifies the process and shows you how you can implement it in your assembly line.


We hope these content pieces offer you valuable resources for planning your next process systems upgrade, modular build, or distillation project in 2019. If you’d like to speak to an engineer about any of these topics, you can call us at 314.845.0077.

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