Modular Process Skid Design: A Growing Trend

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Modular Process Skid DesignModular process skid design is steadily gaining traction as an efficient alternative to stick-built construction. In a recent article, Chemical Engineering brought attention to this growing trends, sighting some of the advantages that modular skid design brings to the market.

James Owen, EPIC’s General Manager, says the number of modular orientated leads has increased significantly over the last five years. “Modular is a concept we have believed in and been working with for over a decade. We used to have to explain the concept. Now we have customers coming in with a base knowledge of modular and some of the general benefits.”

“Popular modular applications for chemical processes range from simple batch manufacturing, to multi-skid pilot scale systems. Other popular applications for modular process skid design include utilities and raw material supply areas. Often sets of skids can be engineered to work together in a wide variety of applications. An example of a complete system could include a raw material supply skid, a utility skid and a processing unit.

Modular process methods feature significant benefits over stick build.  Parallel construction reduces downtime and the compressed project timeline maximizes efficiency.  Higher quality construction is realized due to fabrication in a controlled environment.

Advantages modular process skid design
Modular design and fabrication is usually completed faster, especially when civil upgrades are needed. The process system can be built, tested and shipped while the civil upgrades occur simultaneously in the plant, drastically reducing the project timeline. Our modular systems are basically “plug-and-play.”  They are self-contained, fully operational, fully tested units that can be hooked up and turned on immediately.

Another advantage that modular process skid design offers is space savings. When you use a modular frame to build a system, you can layer the piping, equipment and utilities. When designed correctly, it can be easier to service equipment and hook up process connections, while actually fitting the unit in a smaller footprint.”

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